I'm a bit obsessed with Product Hunt. In late 2014, I started collecting "success stories" from makers who've decided to share their experiences with being featured on Product Hunt. I think they're great stories to read as you'll learn not only about Product Hunt, but also lessons about preparing for any type of product launch.

I'm glad that makers are sharing their stories.

My goal is just to make these stories easier to find as they were just scattered around the web in no central location. I first began organizing them on Medium. However, at a certain point, the sheer number of stories began to outgrow Medium as it became difficult to just browse them. So I decided to centralize them on their own domain.

Maker Success was a weekend project that I launched on Product Hunt. It wasn't that great. So an awesome developer, Mubs (@mubashariqbal), decided to help me with this. We'll keep improving this so that people can learn more about the various experiences of being featured on Product Hunt.

If you know of a story that should be featured here, please let us know.

-- Eric Willis